Presbyterian Church in America Ignores Lying, Abuse

“I don’t have to tell you I’m married.”

When my father starved to death in 2016, I had been in court with a Jezebel, her husband, and a conspirator of theirs for some 10 months, 10 months during which I might have detected the gravity of my dad’s condition in time to reverse it or mitigate its threat to his lifor at least eased his sufferin.PresbyterianChurchinAmerica

Instead I was every waking moment preoccupied with staying out of jail. Four legal actions, two of them seeking my incarceration, were initiated against me that year alone. Together they were meant to sound a death.

One of the “witnesses” who volunteered to testify for the Jezebel in 2016 was her husband’s father. This man, whom I had never met, had been a deacon of the Presbyterian Church in America, or PCA. Faith leaders of the PCA to whom I had appealed for help in arresting the abuse, who included the deacon’s son-in-law, a pastor, indifferently went about their business as it continued. The wife of the pastor maintained a Pinterest page cataloging winning paint colors and children’s birthday themes.DarenDietmeier

This 2.5-minute video synopsizes what would become 12 years of lying and abuse. (For best textual readability, press play, tap the settings icon at the bottom of the frame, and adjust the playback quality to 720p.) The Jezebel tailored her story to whatever audience she was addressing. More details can be found below.

While the persecution reached its crescendo, my dad died without dignity in a bottom-rung nursing facility, alone. The horror excited by his gaunt and ravaged countenance denied him the solace of many familiar visitors, and I could have been prevented from being one of the few he did have. JeremyCheezum

While my dad lay dying, the aforementioned deacon, who was also a medical doctor, plotted with his son and daughter-in-law to have me installed here:

The Jezebel

The reader may wonder what the Jezebel’s story was.

Mine is this: For months, a Ph.D. student named Tiffany—she was careful not to use her last name—hung around my house at night, sometimes until the wee hours, and came on to me while representing herself as a single woman living alone with a dog. She boarded her dressage horse in a stable adjacent to my yard in the stall closest to where I went in and out. By day, the woman cozied up to my mother who was then in treatment for breast cancer. She and I became friends, and there was an unspoken expectation that I should meet her when I was home and she was around. We frequently talked half of the night away. I took her sexual taunts and the excuses she found to grasp or hold my hand at face value. Then she abruptly disappeared and began lying about the nature of our interaction” when I learned her telephone number belonged to a man named Phil and tried to make sense of it all.PresbyterianChurchinAmericaPCA

Below is her narrative reconstructed from a handful of excerpts from statements that the Jezebel gave in evidence to the police and numerous judges over a 10-year period. The first statement is by her attorney; two are from emails from her to me, which she presented to the police and the court herself; and one is by a witness, the woman’s boss, a man I’ve never met.

Almost without exception, one statement is contradicted by the next.

Before the court finally shut her down in 2018—she’s now formally prohibited from stalking me or reintroducing any of her copious claims against me in a court of law—the Jezebel had accused me to law enforcement officials in “multiple” states, on the municipal, county, state, and federal levels (that is, to the FBI), besides to other unidentified “state officials,” more judges that I could confidently surmise, and to friends, colleagues, and employers, including at the university I had attended. I would be surprised if I hadn’t been monitored by a private detective or two over the years, also.RuthBredfeldt,

The Jezebel and I have resided in different states since 2006, Texas and Arizona, respectively, and in all the years since I found her idly standing beside my house one day in 2005 I’ve only ever seen her at my own home, where she habitually wore a blue or a red tank top, and in courtroom after courtroom.

A friend of hers I met in 2005 as Jenn had actually come forward in 2012 and professed regret to me, met me for coffee, and corresponded with me for months. Jenn told me that it was only after years of acquaintance that she herself had learned the Jezebel was married, that she had visited the Jezebel’s home and never met her spouse, whom she called “the phantom husband,” and that she had sometimes stayed out with the Jezebel all night. Jenn expressed the hope that Pastor Cheezum would intervene on my behalf and help lay the matter to rest.